by Zack Davenport
As a native North Carolinian, I spent a lot of time driving through the NC and VA borders while vacationing with my family to Virginia Beach, Richmond, or farther north. What I remember most about those drives as a kid was passing “Virginia Welcomes You” sign that lets you know you’ve crossed over into Virginia on I-85. To me that sign always felt so hospitable and now when I make the long drive back home from NYC, the sign is a marker that I’ve entered back into my home in the South.

For this license plate, I wanted to visualize that feeling of southern hospitality so I paired a cardinal and dogwood pedals (The state bird and flower for both Virginia and North Carolina) with warm, welcoming colors.

The colors themselves are loosely based on Virginia Tech’s school colors as Virginia is one of the few states without an official color palette. I used ITC Caslon Bold and Book Italic for the type as it referenced the original serif font found on the road sign as well as gives off a friendly tone.
State Plates Project by Jonathan Lawrence ⓒ 2014