by John J. Custer
With this fresh start, New York’s license plates can be made in two neutral and non-invasive colors: black or white. Along with paying respect to the motorist vehicle’s appearance (who in their right mind wants a blue and gold plate on a fire engine red car?), the black and white plates provide the utmost visibility and contrast in color.

By paying respect to New York’s moniker, the “Big Apple”, and the infamous “I ♥ NY” tagline, and the state’s well known and respected apple country/orchards, the new, simple “Heart of an Apple” icon was created. This is placed front and center, surrounded by both Gotham Bold and Gotham Condensed, both of which were developed by the former New York City-based Hoefler & Frere-Jones type foundry.
State Plates Project by Jonathan Lawrence ⓒ 2014