by Luke Williams
My family moved to Maryland when I was 1 year old. I don’t remember the first time I saw the state flag, but I admired those jagged blacks and rounded reds early and often. Drawing from the Calvert and Crossland family crests, the flag’s hypnotizing composition followed me for 22 years. I consider these forms to be incredibly unique, and I love to imagine a Maryland license plate crafted entirely from them.

I’ve never seen a Maryland license plate that features the state’s motto, or any of its excellent nicknames. One I admire is, “The Free State.” This nickname comes from Maryland’s slavery abolition in 1864, which is awesome. And if I’m free to interpret, it also speaks to a progressive and supportive mindset among the people of Maryland. They’re standing on the right side of history.

Trivia! The first school in the United States was founded in Maryland. #NeverStopLearning
State Plates Project by Jonathan Lawrence ⓒ 2014