In conceptualizing a redesigned license plate for Maine, the primary focus was to revitalize successful elements from past plates in a simple and contemporary manner. Maine is infamously known for their lobster as well as picturesque scenery giving way to the state’s nicknames, “Vacationland” and “The Pine Tree State.” “Vacationland” has be an essential component featured on the license plate for 80 years, hence being maintained on the redesigned plates.

The typographic solutions reference the 1925 (numbers) and 1936 (lettering) plates. Whereas the coloration is directly derived from Maine’s plates utilized in the 1990s; the 2-tone composition itself is reminiscent of lobster buoys. Drivers would have the ability to choose between 2 subjects for their plates, the lobster and the pine tree, both encapsulating Maine.
State Plates Project by Jonathan Lawrence ⓒ 2014