Clean, simple, organized, and only one color – a rich, peachy red orange, sitting brightly on a creamy white plate. The majority of the plate focuses on the tag number, while the bottom portion clearly separates county and registration details.

It seems more and more plates are silk-screening the numbers on. Initially, I didn’t like it – you lose a lot of character without embossing the numbers. But if we embossed some constant elements on all the plates and screened the numbers over them, we could compromise on budget and character.

Those constant embossed elements would be a few important details that make the state of Georgia unique. An outline of a peach within our state shape at the center. Surrounding that is our nickname “Peach State” and four stars paying tribute to Georgia being the fourth state to join the United States. In the top corners, another nickname, and nod to our progressiveness as the “Empire State of the South.”
State Plates Project by Jonathan Lawrence ⓒ 2014