by Halftone Def
Well, it’s Florida so where do I start. Most of the country thinks that Florida is just a vacation destination where old people retire and absolutely ridiculous news headlines happen on a daily basis, so it would have been real easy to poke fun of ourselves in that respect. But the truth is that Florida is our home, we have lived here our whole lives and we wouldn’t change a thing about it. Except for the humidity… I would definitely love to turn that down a couple notches.

When we thought about recreating the new plate, we knew we wanted to keep some elements of the current plates which have always been pretty nice and clean but also add some elements that have been left out over the years. We are The Sunshine State and there has never been any sign of a sun ever. We also wanted to figure out a unique way to offset the awkward boomerang shape that is our beloved peninsula, while showing a more recognizable icon of our favorite citrus fruit the orange.

But, it’s Florida so we couldn’t be totally serious now could we? Whether you live here or just visit from time to time, you know that Florida Natives have no problems letting their creative juices flow when it comes to having fun. The Juice is Loose Brah!
State Plates Project by Jonathan Lawrence ⓒ 2014